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Musical ramblings, random musings, manics spazzing, personal reflections...

Yeah, music is a massive, massive part of my life, so, inevitably, a lot of what I write is going to relate to music. No band is more important to me than Manic Street Preachers. They mean so much to me, and have changed who I am as a person. Through them, I've learned so much: I've discovered bands that I would otherwise never have even heard of; I'm a lot more interested in politics now (and believe me, I was interested in politics before; it was partly because of their political views that they appealed to me); I've learned about historical events that I never knew about before like, for example, the whole thing about Welsh farmers fighting in the Spanish Civil War). They've also helped me out a lot in life (I'm not going to go into that here...).

Richey Edwards... words cannot describe how important this man's been to me. I just take so much inspiration from him. He's the one who's encouraged me to read so much, he's the one who's helped me come to terms with my, er, problems, he's inspired me to be more creative, he's taught me the importance of education, he's helped me to express myself, he's given me confidence in who I am, the confidence to not be ashamed of my problems, and to talk about them. He's one of the most intelligent people I know of, and, in my opinion, one of the most amazing people ever to have lived. And, hell, I can't think of a single day when I haven't thought/spoken/written about him. And, to think, this man disappeared when I was five.

So yeah, there's going to be a lot of stuff about Richey, a lot of stuff about the manics in general and also quite a bit of personal stuff, I think (although some personal stuff I'm possibly not going to publish, if it's too personal). So because of the personal stuff, it's going to be friends only.

If you want to add me, I'll probably add you back, and if you want to be added, leave a comment on the friends only post.

And because I'm bored/boring and have no life, I post new entries quite often. Don't worry - I lj-cut them if they're long or contain loads of pictures.

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